A Short Note on the new MYTH.LI domain, Sequel Status, and a Reader Poll

Many pieces are moving now.

Part A:  As you may have noticed, Aravinda Publishing now has a new domain:


(Isn’t that slick? Easier to remember, too. I just pronounce it “mythly.” Also, be sure to check the sidebar for new freebies, and a new Like box that showcases all of your lovely faces.)

TWO:  You will be pleased to hear that the rough draft of Book 2 [title to be revealed] is now done and is currently in rewrites. Uncertain when it will be ready for beta readers. When you know, I’ll know… Wait, reverse that. (And to join the beta reader list, message me, and I’ll see what I can do.)

D.  Finally, I thought I would ask you, my dear reader, a couple questions. Considering my readers’ thoughts is important to me, so if you could take a moment to leave me a comment and share your answer, I’d really appreciate it:

What are the main qualities you enjoyed in The Truth Beyond the Sky that you are looking forward to in the sequel? What characters would like to learn more about the most?

Your answers will be weighed in on how book 2 turns out, so thanks in advance. Remarkable things in store. 😉


:: Andrew Crusoe

p.s. Also, whatever you do, do not go to my FB author page. It’s been wayyy too wacky lately: http://facebook.com/amcrusoe