West Coast Byteful Guides: Complete (New San Francisco & Las Vegas Travel Guides)

At last, the Byteful Guides for the West Coast Adventure are complete!

If you aren’t familiar with the guides, see that tab above that says, “Byteful Guides”?

Yep, that’s them. I created them when I realized that, while I had been writing great reviews on the best free and cheap things to do in each city I explored, the information wasn’t organized in an easily accessible way. (Here’s the thing, man: it doesn’t matter how good your cookies are, if you can’t find the jar.)

Sure, you could use the fancy search feature, but that doesn’t allow for much serendipity. What if someone was heading to say, San Francisco, and wanted to see some honest reviews of what to see there? What if they weren’t sure what was there?

To help answer these questions, I began working on the Byteful Guides around this time last year. The idea was simple: create a directory of articles, complete with an interactive map, that allows people to easily discover great attractions within a city. The idea excited me because these weren’t like other guides. (Every item listed is one that I’ve personally visited and vetted myself.) I built as many pages as I could, but at the time, I hadn’t finished writing about all of the incredible places I’d visited yet. I still had Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley to write about.

For the first few months of 2012, I wrote many detailed articles and released a wealth of photography outlining the destinations on this latter part of my trip. And then in June, I wrapped up the entire West Coast tale.

And today, I’m introducing 2 new guides: Las Vegas and San Francisco & Bay Area. (I combined the two because of proximity.) These guides cover a total of seventeen different attractions that I’ve personally visited, complete with high-rez photography. I’ve even updated the mini-map which appears at the bottom of each article in the West Coast Adventure series.

To be completely clear, this doesn’t mean there won’t be more Byteful Guides arriving in the future. On the contrary, I intend that the guides be living, breathing documents, and new guides will be added as new cities are written about (such as the upcoming Epic East Coast adventure). In my view, there’s no easier way to navigate Byteful Travel’s wealth of articles. And if you have any questions or suggestions about them, please let me know.

For now though, I gotta say it feels good to finally see all of the red dots lit up. 🙂

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2 bits on West Coast Byteful Guides: Complete (New San Francisco & Las Vegas Travel Guides)

  1. That is one awesome Byteful Guide. Now I won’t be having any issues when I visit San Fransisco. This will just guide me along.

  2. ahhh I love that the map is expanding. Do you plan to travel abroad and include that too? That would be incredible!

    …anyhow, still reading 🙂