Blogging from the iPod Touch

Aloha there! You may be seeing this post because you’re trying to find the old Byteful Travel site. Well, it’s been completely revamped! More info at: MYTH.LI is now the new home for all my Travel Writing!

Hello. I am writing this on a touch screen. An iPod Touch to be exact.

While this touch screen does not rival my laptop keyboard by any means, it does provide one with the ability to use the web wherever one goes because this little device is just 8 mm thick and can easily fit in one’s pocket.

Of course this means that I have no excuse not to blog, right?

Wrong. The iPod touch is wonderful, but my thumbs need a lot more practice before they can do that. Plus, a touch screen doesn’t have any tactile feedback, and I don’t think I’ll ever reach over 60 words per minute as I can on a normal keyboard. No worries though, the iPod touch is still incredibly useful for reading data.

Until next time, touch different. 🙂