Seattle Quintet Singing “Blue Skies” a-cappella is THE Antidote to Winter Video

Sometimes, in the middle of a harsh winter, a simple song to remind you that blue skies and warm weather will someday return is just what you need to raise your spirits.

Unless you’re in Australia, you’re probably dealing with ‘white sandwich’ weather, as I am.

“Huh? ‘White sandwich’ weather? What the heck is that!?”, I can hear you say.

Well, it’s a term I invented years ago for when the sky is completely cloudy and the ground is covered in snow. You see, from a certain perspective, when this happens you appear to be in the middle of a vast white sandwich… especially if you’re on a frozen lake. When the world configures itself this way, the only color you can hope to see is in the middle of the sandwich, which is usually the grey-brown color of leafless trees as they sleep through the winter.

And in times like that, I sometimes wish I could sleep though the winter, too.

Unexpected A-Cappella is GROOVY

Alas, you and I are not trees nor bears, so we face the winter conscious, which can be depressing sometimes. So what better way to cheer you up after living in ‘white sandwich’ weather than my video of the a-cappella group I stumbled upon while I was exploring Seattle? (And if you subscribe to the Byteful Video feed, you may have already noticed that this video was released.)

How did I discover a free a-cappella concert?

I’d just finished exploring the Chittenden Locks, and as I started heading back I came across this quintet singing near the botanical gardens. They performed Beach Boys covers and many other happy songs under the clear blue sky that day. And thankfully I had enough space after the Chittenden Locks photo shoot to record this short video of them singing “Blue Skies”. (I’ve even fine-tuned the video’s color with Final Cut Pro, so the video is as bright and vibrant as the day I shot it.)

In the midst of this snowy winter, I hope this video lifts your spirits, reminds you that the blue skies and green grass will return, and puts a smile on your face.

Coming up soon: The adventure at Seattle’s Chittenden Locks, including the amazing salmon ladder and lush botanical gardens.

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