Return to the Rainbow Rocks

As you may have noticed, I returned to the riverbank not long ago. Time and time again, I have realized that one can always learn from returning to a place one has photographed before because almost everything has changed:

  • The light (caused by the time of day, season, and cloud cover)
  • The temperature (which gives way to other interesting effects)
  • Placement of objects themselves (by animal life or even human intervention)

On this occasion, the cold had struck and much was frozen. After approaching my old photographic subjects, I began to realize just how much the light had changed. It seemed colder, grayer, and perhaps sadder. I did find a few gems, though, such as a Tiny Pine Twig on the yellow bench. Rest assured I did not put the twig there – I only photograph what I see. The rainbow rocks in the sand didn’t look colorful this time, but those on the edge of the river were beautiful. A tiny ice shelf formed a veil over some pebbles, and reminded me of Saturn’s rings.

Amazing what one can find in the tiny details of nature.


Photos from this trip are in the Frozen Rainbow album.