The adventure starts now.

Welcome to the Byteful Blog, the first in a series of Byteful Communications. In reality, a blog is simply another way to carry on a conversation, a dialog with the world. I am honored and thankful to have the ability to reach you all with this site, this outpost of bits and bytes.

In many ways, we have not even begun to estimate how the internet will and is affecting our daily lives. For the first time in Human History, distance is irrelevant, information flows freely, and cultures and peoples in far corners of the Earth interact as they never have before. Each site is like a small current in this ever-growing ocean we call the internet, mixing and interacting with all that is around it.

The purpose of this blog is threefold:
a. to be like a moon to the sun, reflecting my Creator’s glory
b. to be like a constellation in the night, inspiring people to their fullest potential
c. to be as a traveller in a strange land, discovering the mysteries of Earth

A wise man once said, “The highest courage is to dare to appear to be what one is.”

True words, indeed.