AMC vidlog – Adventure Time “Card Wars” Review: Corn Fields too strong?

Yesterday, I decided to go outside of my comfort zone and made my first real vid blog. In this 1st first installment, I talk about Card Wars, the card game sweeping the world.

As I said, this is my first real video blog, so it might be a bit rough around the edges. I’m still warming up to this, but I think it could lead to fun new connections and growth experiences. I think it’s also a fun new way to connect with you, the reader.


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MacKenzie Park: Brown Noddy birds video

Welcome back to MacKenzie Park!

The “Byteful Glimpse” video series continues with a short (and hilarious) video about some other things we saw by the park cliffs (henceforth to be referred to as the Cliffs of Insanity).

This one is EASILY the wackiest one yet.

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A: You keep talking about these birds, but I never see them.
R: Well that’s because you’re too busy looking at your camera. Birds are flying around as we speak.
A: Well, okay. Screw that. Where?
R: Off the edge of the point there. Every once in a while a black bat-like face comes out. Oh, there goes one. They’re pretty small.
A: I don’t know this has got pretty okay zoom, but I don’t know.
R: Use you’re eyes, man!
A: But they can’t use their eyes, they’re not here. I know from bats. I used to live in a place with bats… cutting all this out.
A: They’re real. They’re here, on the Big Island. Come! *da da da* Sponsored by: No one.