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What Reviewers are saying about The Loveliest Abyss…

“Readers can feel how much thought he has put into all the details of this alternate world — even details we can’t yet ‘see’…I can hardly wait to find out what happens next!” — Tui Snider, Author of ‘Paranormal Texas’

“I thoroughly enjoyed this one. The story gets going quickly and puts forth big questions for the reader to ponder without pushing a specific opinion. I really appreciate it when an author lets me get there on my own, a subtle but complex part of the craft.” — Anela (Creator of AmidtheImaginary)

“As a reader of the Aravinda books, I enjoyed the new angle on the galaxy this story offered…I’m sure it would also work as a good introduction for any new comers to the series.” — M.M. Stauffer (Tatterwing Chronicles author)

“Enjoyed this in one sitting and I can’t wait to read about what happens next!” — Billy Horn, Amazon Reviewer

“Sci-Fi with an ethical purpose for the 21st century! The author’s work has been called Transcendental Science Fiction, and with good reason.” — Flavia Westermann

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