AMC vidlog – Cheer Up Time: The Tree with the Bee Party

Today on a jog, I came across a lone tree that had bloomed before all the others, attracting literally over 100 bees swarming around it. (Warning: It’s getting warm, so clothes may come off in this 2nd vidlog)

Anyway, the bees cheered me up, and I thought they might cheer you up, too.

Happy Spring!

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What is this Bizarre Structure? (Pololū Valley, Kohala, Big Island Hawaii video)

Nestled within the Kohala zone of the Big Island, I found Pololū Valley to be a stunning emerald gem. But today’s video is not about the wildlife.

Today’s video is about a bizarre structure I found near the beach, held together by thin rope. Was this a shelter at some point? Some punatic’s abandoned construction project? Or something else?

If you have any idea, please let me know in the comments below. And enjoy!

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